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Public Address System
Mixing Power Amplifier
WA-MA120N / 240N
  • 2-channel Broadcast
  • Up to four Remote Microphones
  • Add up to 30 Zones
  • Broadcast Simultaneously to Multiple Remote Areas
  • Program Broadcast
  • Troubleshooting
  • Reliable Cooling with two thermal sensors monitoring
  • Energy Saving Design using Class-H technology developed by RAMSA, the Panasonic Professional Audio Group, to minimize power consumption.
WS-TN05 N / WS-TN06 N (Ceiling Type)
  • 6 W Power Handling Capacity
  • 12 cm cone type speaker unit
  • Hole-on-ceiling of 150 mm to 160 mm diameter
  • 100 Hz - 18 kHz frequency response
WT-615N (Horn Type)
  • 15 W  Rated Input
  • 250 - 6,000 Hz  of Frequency Response
  • Aluminum (Munsell N7) Horn
  • ABS Resin (Munsell N4) Rear Cover
WS-2360N (Wall-Mounted)
  • 6 W  Rated Input
  • 150 - 15,000 Hz  of Frequency Response
  • Two 12 cm cone speakers
  • High-impact Polystyrene (94-V0 grade)
Conference Microphone System

  • Cascade method trying to save line.
  • Up to 48 microphone units can be connectable ( 12 microphone units x 4 output lines)
  • Connectable to the Chairman Microphone Unit with 2 microphones
  • Built-in howling suppressor.
  • Detailed set can be made without computer.
  • Input/output terminals used to regulate the audio /  video system simply.
  • High-scalable RS-232C terminal.

Chairman Microphone Unit

  • Voice switch super high accuracy
  • Narrow-directional microphone able to suppress howling.
  • Built-in speaker at eh best angle for hearing.
  • In elegant champagne gold, the profile is designed maneuverable and stylish.
  • With head-first function. (For Chairman unit only)
Wireless Microphone System
Diversity Wireless Receiver
WX-R800F1 / F2

  • Separate antenna installation unnecessary due to onboard scourge-shape antenna. Wireless broadcasting system installment is simply done by connecting the output jack of the receiver and the input hack of the amplifier.
  • One wireless microphone available due to built-in single channel adjustable unit. (Does not support adjustable unit)
  • 1U compact type of W: 21cm x H:4.4cm. Can be used anywhere due to space saving design.
  • PLL electronic sound synthesized receiving type.
Desk Top Type Wireless Microphone

  • New desktop wireless microphone for use in conference rooms, lectures etc.
  • 10-hour continuous stable operation with one R6P/size AA manganese dry battery, or 20-hour continuous stable operation with one LR6/size AA alkaline dry battery.
  • LED display on receiver shows residual battery power.
  • Microphone desk stand and curved microphone neck can flexibly adjust the direction of the microphone.
  • Equipped with convenient and easy to operate talkback on-off.
  • Small footprint on desktops to maximize effective use of space.